Bringing Plant Magic to the AGLC

Posted on March 2nd, 2018

There are some pretty big changes happening in the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Control Board. For one thing, they may need to add an extra letter to their acronym. The AGLC will be the governing body for newly legalized medical marijuana. Greenjeans doesn’t know much about that, but we do know a thing or two about plants. Particularly the plants involved in giving the AGLC a new look. We recently helped the office in St. Albert modernize their look, for this new chapter.

Modern Plants

If you’ve so much as opened Instagram, you will be familiar with clean, modern look, with plants in the staring role. This is no short-lived trend, this look will likely come to define a generation of interior design. At the heart of it, lies key principles and ethics. The New Modern is the perfect way for the AGLC to greet a new generation in their organization.

Living on the cutting edge ourselves, we knew just how to bring the AGLC up to the times.

For their atrium space, increased privacy, and usability was the goal. We used big white planters with a subtle wave curve to create flow in the space, but also promote utilization of the space by sectioning off the open space. Bamboo Palms, are classic while being exotic and have a lot of foliage while still being minimal. We hand-planted little terrariums for a cozy detail in this recreational space. Anthuriums add a pop of seasonal colour.

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