Commerce Place in Bloom

Posted on September 28th, 2017

Have you noticed Commerce Place is looking extra beautiful these days? We helped Commerce Place up the ante and planted up some luxurious foliage.


A long line of Ficus Lyrata Trees is creating a feeling of lush abundance in this bright and tall marble-clad corridor. Bright Bromeliads add a dash of colour to the neutral and natural tones, without overloading the senses, keeping with the classic aesthetic. The atrium, accentuated lavishly with trees gives the feeling of an outdoor market in Italy, taking you out of Edmonton, if just for the afternoon. Commerce Place is also the home of the Italian Consult, so we hope they feel at home.

The businesses residing in the Commerce Place tower, and the downtown ped-way system all connect to this opulent corridor. You never know who you are going to find yourself next to, sipping coffee, under a Fig tree.


In the court on the main level, we have lightened the heavy marble pillars with Dracaena Lime Lights, in tall white vases. They stand statuesque like a chic lady with a perfectly coiffed do. This adds lightness and leavening to this space.

This space communicates a luxury like that of King Louis the XIV. Guests are transported away from a harsh Jasper ave. and into abundance. Come over and take in the space for yourself. Sip on a customized, extra indulgent latté, as you take in the possibilities of plantscaping.


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