Cooking Up a Great Team

Posted on December 22nd, 2017

Last Friday the team got together for some festive team building and holiday cheer. We are lucky to have such a fun loving and curious group of people working with us.  It certainly made for some tasty gnocchi!

Sorrentino’s put on a really wonderful class. Off the bat, we were laughing, (and also a little frightened) as the chef sniffed out our dietarily restricted friends. He targeted Holly’s polite half-raised hand, and it was all over for her. The chef was on her case the rest of the evening. The whole team was in stitches the rest of the evening. Good thing Holly knows how to laugh at herself 😉

We began with a mushroom risotto, and in pairs, the group was learning to chop like pros! So tasty, and it was a good thing too because the wine was flowing. Next, we put together a Bread Salad, a couple vegetables to get our engines working for that gnocchi. It was great fun getting our hands all doughy and taking turns with the harder manual labour of turning out potato from the ricer. Finally was the tiramisu, the part everyone wanted to “taste” along the way.


Finally, we all sat at a long table and looked at the lot of us in one space outside of purple. We have grown and changed so much as a company over the years. It is wonderful to be part of a company of enthusiastic, caring, and curious people who all share a love of plants. It is wonderful to be a company that is bringing beauty and greenery to Edmonton spaces.

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