Cover the City in Chrysanthemums

Posted on October 19th, 2018

Oh, Edmonton. You mock us with your ever-changing seasons. Greenjeans has a solution. Hearty flowers of burgundy, gold, and pink to decorate the city! Chrysanthemums are doing their darndest to stay beautiful during this (emotionally) turbulent autumn.

Chrysanthemums Elsewhere

Mums are originally from Asia and Northeastern Europe. They are perennials that bloom in the autumn making them a staple for gardeners wishing to keep blooms around all year. Mums aren’t just here to elevate our North Western spirits, they are deeply important in both Japan and China. Every 9th day of  September is the day of the Chrysanthemum in Japan and is on the country’s royal crest. East Asian art frequently paints Mums along with orchids, plum blossom and bamboo together considered the Four Gentlemen.

Beyond being a persistent beauty throughout the colder seasons Chrysanthemums are also incredibly useful plants. Small mum flowers are used as a garnish to sashimi in Japan. Chinese cuisine might sautee the leaves for greens. Despite their use as a food, they are also a potent insecticide causing nerve damage to insects. However, though the power of poison is safe for mammals and is biodegradable it is damaging to fish so Greenjeans doesn’t use it. Still, considered environmentally friendly, as Mums were recognized by NASA as useful indoor air purifiers!

We recommend a hefty serving Mums daily, if only as a shot of colour in unpredictable weather.

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