Moss Walls

Sometimes we come across areas in office buildings that are not suitable for living things. Plants require warm temperatures, lots of light, water and on-going care in order to flourish, moss does not. Moss material was once a living, growing plant which has been carefully preserved to create the beautiful textured panels we use to create our moss walls. Moss walls are a great way to add green to your space and they require minimal maintenance. Moss walls can help with noise reduction, they add a biophilic design element, and are known to help increase productivity & creativity in employees. They add a feel-good factor which promotes calmness and wellness and are an aesthetically beautiful conversation piece. There are various types of moss including Mood, Pole, Reindeer, Sheet and Fern Moss.

Moss is a versatile, malleable media which lends perfect for tricky designs and unique works of art. From simple geometric displays, to distinct forest floor replicas to artistic custom designs.

Other green walls:

  • Vertical green moss wall in an Edmonton office
  • Moss Wall with TVs
  • DSC01689
  • IMG_3538Edited
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  • EditedA
  • Bell Tower 24 Moss Wall
  • dav
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  • Moss Maintenance
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  • IMG_20210120_092901
  • DSC01573
  • moss1
  • moss2
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  • moss7
  • Telus Ft Mac Moss