Peak Growing Season

Posted on March 1st, 2019

Peak growing season for interior plants is upon us! Light levels (for office plants lucky enough to be near a window) are intensifying, days are lengthening, and the plants are finished resting. Now is a good time for some plant housekeeping.


At peak growing season plants have the most energy to recover and grow, so now is a great time to give plants a much-needed haircut. Always cut on an angle and just above a node. A node is where a leaf or branch grew. This node is where you’re most likely to see the first bud bursting through, post pruning. It is best to start a little lower than you might think. Simply trimming the top of a plant means you will be trimming soft, messy growth more often than necessary. It is better to prune to a simple structure and let/coax the plant grow back into the shape you want. Make sure you are using clean tools so as not to infect the newly cut plant.


Empower your plant friends! Give them a little extra food at this time of year.  This will enable them to grow to their fullest, brightest and most luscious potential. Best to under fertilize and go back over, rather then to over fertilize and burn the plant.


Roots are also hitting their stride at this time of year. If, when you water, the water shoots straight out to the bottom it is likely there is more root than soil. If this is the case the solution is to repot. Generally, repotting means moving a plant into a larger pot. Not enough space in your home for a bigger pot? You can trim the roots to fit back into the original pot. Trim off no more than a third of the roots, avoiding tap roots. Give the plant plenty of root boosting nutrients. A bit of stress may show up as yellowing leaves, but the plant should bounce back quickly.

Give yourself a weekend spa day with your plants! You and your green friends will be happy you did.

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