Plants Have the Right to Kids

Posted on February 16th, 2018

It must be weird growing up in today’s society. Being a kid has been flipped on its head. Kids understand and use technology far faster and intuitively than most adults. With the internet at their fingertips they have more access to knowledge then any teacher can hope to impart. Kids today are exposed to more images from around the world than any generation before. How do they go about processing all of this with their prefrontal cortex still growing?

Obviously, at Greenjeans we are more confident with plant development than child development. What we do know however is the power of plants on children. Green spaces have been proven to reduce stress levels in kids. Like the adults around them, plants can stir curiosity in the midst of children. Curiosity with a sense of calm. We can’t think of a better environment to learn in.

Jan Reimer School

Our amazing team recently completed a new installation at Jan Reimer school. It gives us a quiet confidence in the future to watch the trend of schools opting for plants within their buildings. Plants spur the kids to ask all kinds of questions. The kids want to know all about where the plant comes from, how far away is that, what are people like there? Can you eat this plant? Why is the plant in an orange container, when that one is in a blue container? Why does a plant need water? What does the plant eat?

It’s true that all these answers are still a tap of the thumb away from the kids, and they will get the answer far fast then we will. But now they have a tangible reason to ask the question, and something to pull them back into the real world and present moment.

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