Holiday Décor

Greenjeans’ holiday décor has a certain look – bold, bright, contemporary, glittery and glamorous!  Our gorgeous trees and decorations usually offer a contemporary take on traditional styles and colours, using highly reflective ornamentation and props for maximum impact.

To be as environmentally-friendly as possible, we use only LED lights.

Our Décor Leasing program offers trees, wreaths and various other décor items for commercial premises which are delivered pre-decorated.  The final tweaks and finishing touches are added on site, with minimum interruption to your staff and clients.

No more dragging dusty old tree parts and boxes out of storage, spending hours getting behind with your work duties because you’re sorting out the decorations and tree sections, only to find that the lights don’t work and half of your Christmas decorations are broken or MIA!  We take care of everything (except the eggnog).  In less than an hour your sparkling, festive, fully-decorated tree is rolled in.  The lights are plugged in, finishing touches and a fabulous topper are added, and before a Grinch could say “It’s because I’m green, isn’t it?” our elves are done, leaving behind only festive cheer and sparkles.

While you’re still recovering from the excesses of the seasonal celebrations, our elves return to discreetly remove the holiday décor and return it to Santa’s cave for safe storage through the rest of the year.

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