Design and Installation

Giant Bird of Paradise in Red Delta PlanterGreenjeans Interiorscape is Edmonton’s leader in the design and maintenance of beautiful interior plantscapes.  We are an environmentally responsible and customer conscious company.

Indoor tropical plants create a sense of tranquility and well-being.  While they look beautiful, tropical plants may also be considered a productive and valuable part of the office team, as they’re always hard at work every day, helping to clean and freshen the air we breathe.  Well chosen plants enhance the look, feel and health of a work space.  Investing in your employees’ environment demonstrates clearly that they’re valued team members.

In today’s open office concept, foliage plants in the work space help reduce noise.  They can be placed to define a space, offer privacy, and enhance a feeling of ownership or community.

Contemporary planters designed with any number of foliage combinations update an office instantly.  Foliage qualities of colour, texture, shape and height can be designed to make a fashion statement and complement any furniture and office décor.

The right plants for the right location

This is where our award winning design team shines – the right plant for the right location.  Plants will be of the right size, shape and function for your office. We design each plant and pot in every plantscape to enhance the specific décor, function and traffic flow of your space.

No limit to our planter styles and colors

We have many lines of planters available. From the modern to traditional to the obscure, we can provide you with a planter that is just right for your plants and office.

Update your offices and lobbies with modern and effective plantings

Offices are updated every ten to fifteen years or so.  A quick, easy and cost-effective update can also be achieved by introducing some funky new plants and contemporary planters to an office or lobby.

How may we help you?

Our process of providing your new plantscape is simple and easy.  Our account manager or designer will visit you on site.  After assessing your particular needs (taking into account your space, décor, budget, traffic patterns and light levels), we provide an obligation-free proposal and quotation.

We offer options to either purchase or rent your plantscape.  Renting a plantscape is a great alternative to owning your own plants.  We have two, three and five year plans available.  When your rental term is completed, you’re free to update your design.


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