Living Green Walls

Stunning living wall displayA living wall provides a stunning welcome and a modern feel to a corporate space.

An area of any size may be transformed simply with a spectacular, breathing piece of living art that demonstrates your commitment to green values without sacrificing valuable square footage.

Our dedicated, expert living wall team provides a service to uphold the corporate standard.

Whether it’s installing a 25-plant wall in a small reception space, or caring for a fabulous two-storey showpiece at the local international airport, we’re here to bring your vision to life.

We are experienced with a number of quality living wall systems, and we are a DIRTT Breathe Wall distributor.

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Moss Walls

The walls are alive with our low maintenance moss art, made from 100% real mosses, lichens and natural preserved plants.

Custom made to any shape or size, our range of colors offer a wonderful natural alternative in low light areas.

Not only do moss walls bring nature indoors, they also have significant sound absorption capabilities.

It doesn’t stop there, we also create moss logos that add a modern, natural touch to any logo.

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