Greenjeans’ Plant Care and Maintenance Services

Indoor foliage plantsOne of our fully trained Horticultural Technicians will visit your place of business on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule to care for all your plants. Services you may expect during our visits include:

  • Soil assessment and watering appropriate to each plant species.
  • Assessment for pests and diseases, with appropriate earth-friendly, chemical-free treatments.
  • Pruning, shaping and trimming as required.
  • Plants and planters will be cleaned and kept free of debris, dust and old leaves.
  • Monthly fertilizing.
  • Rotation of plants to encourage an even growth habit, where possible or appropriate.

Plant Replacement Guarantee

We fully guarantee our services. If for any reason a plant does not do well in your office due to our care or design, we will replace it at no extra cost.

We do not use any chemicals to combat insects

We do not use chemical insecticides or pesticides. To control unwelcome visitors our integrated pest management system may require our horticulturalists to clean the plants by non-toxic means, physically remove insects, replace a plant or use biological controls.

Our friendly professional staff wears a company uniform

You will easily recognize one of our technicians – it’s that friendly person with the easy smile and the purple shirt!