The Christmas Tree

Posted on December 7th, 2018

The Christmas Tree is the symbol of this time of year. It is a way of keeping brightness and life around in the darkest times of the year. Today’s Christmas trees are often artificial and covered bright multicoloured decorations, which reflects our society. Traditionally the tree would be decorated with lit candles, and roses made of paper. Hello, fire hazard-tough time to be an Xmas tree!

It seems that the tradition of the Christmas Tree began in the Baltics, what is today Latvia and Estonia and spread to Germany. However, the use of evergreens to keep the spirit bright throughout the year is not unique to Christian culture. Evergreens were used as garland or wreaths to represent eternal life by Egyptians, Hebrews and Chinese traditions. In Scandinavia, the evergreen was used to scare away the devil!

The Evergreens Have Their Say

Spruce: Try as we might we Spruce trees can’t convince you humans to leave us well enough alone! Our needles were finely crafted over centuries to dissuade you from touching us!

Pine: I for one am honoured to be adorned for this winter ritual. My needles are soft and drapey, and I am ready to be the centre of attention.

Fir: We have a little game going you and I. I look fabulous and full, and I stay that way if treated well. However, I remain quiet bristly. I have a little chuckle I’ll be honest when you grab me absent-mindedly and suffer the consequences. Consider my prickly side a persistent reminder to stay present while you decorate me this year.

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