The Plant Perspective

Posted on November 16th, 2018

We have been learning more and more about plant senses and perspectives. Science is proving plants have receptors for sight, are affected by sound and react to the space around them. While we do not understand where or how they may process that information, we are learning to appreciate them as more than food and decoration.

So we tried to be reasonable. We started up a conversation with our green friends. But it seems we have neglected their perspective for too long, and now they want to have their say. We have (largely) willingly turned over our social media to their capable, ah…er…extremities. So here they are, ready to tell you what they are all about.

Plant Care

‘Ello there! Pothos here! I thought I would take on the subject of plant care as there is a great deal of debate among the purple polos about what I want! I’m a simple plant. With simple needs and can largely take care of myself, but just like you, I’m the expert of what I need. So with that rather simple assumption, it’s likely best to get plant care tips from the source no? So here we are. We’ve rooted our way into your inter-webs and we will clarify a few human misconceptions.

Natural Design

Hello, my name is Phalaenopsis but you may call me Orchid. Do you not find it uncanny how perfectly nature finds a beautiful way to do things? Have you ever considered why that might be? You may consider the bee, with whom you have a rather similar aesthetic preference. A beautiful flower draws the bee to the flower, they are attracted by the colours and the sweet smell. The bee follows these sense pleasing attributes and is rewarded nectar for the hive. Like the bee dear human, nature is calling to you, using a siren song to beckon you out of your fight or flight mentality and into gratitude for the abundance all around you. Let us remind you of the places to look for the design to bring you joy. Let us show you how this world is exquisitely designed for our co-habitation.


Hi! Spathiphyllum here, and thank you Orchid for presenting the topic gratitude. While plants and animals have very different perspectives and priorities in survival, I for one believe plants have a lot to teach humans about being present and enjoying the observation of life. Our rootedness requires us to be highly aware of our surroundings, and we have noticed that you are starting to live more and more in this device you are using now, and less and less time appreciating the miracle of your, and my existence. Believe me, I know it’s not easy out there, I am a water-loving plant living in arid Edmonton, but moments of bliss are all around you. It is important to find those moments too, human. We will be here to help. 💚


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