Therapy of Pink

Posted on February 2nd, 2018

Full disclosure, our team got a therapy session for their inner child. A first here at Greenjeans,  PINK planters. It was wonderful working with the Alberta College of Occupational Therapists (ACOT)

Work-Life Balance

Occupational Therapists know a thing or two about the impacts of a workplace environment. So when ACOT moved to a new home, they took the opportunity to soothe their souls. Already a beautiful space, the walls are decorated the with colourful works of Jason Blower.  Then we were invited to join the therapy party and pull those colours off the wall and into the space.


Pay It Forward

The goodness of the plants, plant-purified air, personalized planters and heart warming artworks are hard at work here. The people populating the ACOT offices help other people like our Horticultural Technicians, and the people whose offices we service, to perform better and live happier. We are all in this together.

ACOT’s tagline is “Together, making life better”. We feel this sums up the collaboration with ACOT. Our team came back feeling inspired and motivated. It’s exciting when a client is able to be brave and just go with whatever ideas the collaboration comes up with. We hope ACOT feels the benefit of the collaboration too with our plants making their spaces feel more like home. Having an office space you feel good in, is so important considering we spend on average one-third of our lives working! If a splash of pink can make that time more pleasant, we don’t think of that as an indulgence we think of it as therapy.

Creating this beautiful space was truly a work of many contributors and we would be remiss if we neglected to mention the creator of those brightly colours planters Green Theory Distributors in BC.

We wish ACOT the very best in their new home and thanks, for playing with colours with us!

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