When you shop in your community at local, independent businesses you’re making a choice to help keep YEG vibrant and unique. Shopping local is one way you can help ensure your carbon footprint is reduced. A strong community is built by locally owned businesses that are dedicated to sustaining vibrancy, building relationships and supporting local events, sports teams and charities in the communities they operate in, like us!

Greenjeans is proud to support several charitable organisations – WINhouse, the Cross Cancer Clinic, JDRF for Juvenile Diabetes, David Suzuki Foundation, Christmas Bureau, Edmonton Food Bank, Red Cross, Farmers in India and Amnesty International.

Our plant people helping in the community

Partners In Parks

The Covid-19 pandemic provided our team an opportunity to support the City of Edmonton, as well as take care of the environment through our Partners In Parks project.

The city has always invited garden-loving volunteers to participate in beautifying the city by adopting a garden bed through Partners In Parks. Due to budget shortfalls and staff layoffs, the City was unable to keep up with their regular schedules of weeding and maintenance through the summer.  We were dismayed to see an area at a high-traffic intersection on a main river valley corridor to the city grow out of control, with waist-high weeds and invasive thistles choking out the perennials and shrub beds.  So, we decided to step up and do something about it!  We adopted that garden bed, put a volunteer Greenjeans army together and cleaned it up.  Once we dealt with the jarring thistle wilderness, our collective obsessive-compulsive weed anxiety calmed down so we could once again drive into the city every day without wincing.  But it didn’t stop with our team completing our typically meticulous clean up job. Oh no, then we started to ponder how much we might improve on that exposed soil.  By this time, it was September and too late to plant anything for the summer season. So, we went to town with bulbs – a mixture of volunteers’ favourites, with staggered blooming times.  We can’t wait to see the early spring display that will brighten up the commute into the city for thousands of people every day.  Who knew little civic duty could be so much fun?!  Come spring, when you’re driving into town via 98 Ave (near River Valley Rd), see if you can spot the Greenjeans garden.

Greenjeans participating in Partners In Parks