Green Screening

Where physical distancing is vital, we all need innovative ways to divide spaces effectively and efficiently. Plants are a great way to remove toxins and divide spaces without alienating. Green screening can also offer other benefits such as sound buffering, traffic control, and privacy.

Plants can provide a simple and effective solution to cleaning up indoor air by filtering toxins through the photosynthesis process, taking in CO2 and toxins in, and delivering clean oxygen out. Increasing evidence shows that higher humidity contributes to better overall and health and less susceptibility to air borne viruses. Plants are one way of increasing humidity in interior spaces through the process of evapotranspiration.

Our team has been installing plants throughout the 2020 pandemic and have safe procedures in place for doing so. Ask us how we can enhance your space in these challenging times with the addition of Mobile Living & Moss Walls or through the creative use of tall and divider planters using live plants.

Other green walls:

  • DSC01751
  • GreenScreen1
  • Cararo w. Dracaena LemonLime_Limelight
  • BioMontage-Roomdivider-27
  • IMG_2378
  • GreenScreen2
  • DSC01720
  • BioMontage-Roomdivider-28
  • BioMontage-75