Enjoy Live Plants

Greenjeans can assist in providing a healthy, green environment for your people. We offer a range of lush tropical plants displayed in contemporary planters, seasonal displays, and green walls. With the Greenjeans Maintenance Service and Plant Guarantee, we’ll take care of all your on-going plant care needs, such as regular watering, cleaning, fertilising, pest management and plant replacements, so you don’t have to!

We are experts in designing plantscapes customized to meet the parameters of any space, from airplants to large plantings like atria beds. In addition to the skills of our experienced horticultural team, a portion of our success can be attributed to using only grade A plant material sourced from quality growers.

Purchase your plantscape outright or choose to rent. Our plantscape rental program offers the benefit of full installation, with zero up-front costs.  Plantscape rentals make life simple with the inclusion of our full maintenance service and the Greenjeans Plant Guarantee.

Plants & Planters
Design & Installation
Plant Care
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