Living Walls

A living wall is an appealing and spectacular example of nature in the built environment. By design, living walls place foliage at eye level for maximum impact and natural connectivity. Living walls appeal to many senses – the visual appreciation of a hanging garden; the aroma of foliage and soil can be invigorating; the subtle sense of humidity changes can be comforting; and the feeling of clean air filling your lungs can be uplifting. All great reasons to connect with nature by incorporating a living wall in your everyday surroundings.

Living walls can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including portable units to aid in physical distancing.  We work with a range of proven, quality living wall systems – each has its place and optimum perfomance according the scale of a project. We’ll recommend the most suitable system for your space.  We will help establish appropriate lighting, and offer plant selections to achieve sustainable design. Together we’ll collaborate to help you connect with nature every day.

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  • 2nd floor with furniture
  • Living wall in white hallway.
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  • Lush living wall in Edmonton
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