Creating Beautiful Outdoor Spaces

We are enthusiastic about ensuring the exterior of your building is welcoming, unique and eye-catching. Under our expert care and maintenance there are numerous planters, hanging baskets and garden beds that brighten and beautify sites throughout Edmonton all year long. No space is too large or small for our team and we love a challenge!

Our creative staff will evaluate each site’s individual conditions to ensure we select the best plants for the environmental considerations, after which we will propose a design made specifically for you. We partner with some of the best local suppliers and growers to source premium quality annuals, perennials, shrubs and tropicals to provide an outstanding display.

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Spring Planting

Once the risk of frost has passed, we commence our season with spring planting. We use a mixture of annual, perennial, and tropical plants and shrubs to provide a custom  display that will last until fall.


Come fall we can extend our seasonal offerings by incorporating cold tolerant plants that last through to late October. Alternatively, we can construct a custom-made natural branch display that can stay in place all winter long (or you can go big and have both options!).

Winter Holiday Season

During the winter holiday season, we are happy to offer custom made greens that bring the holiday spirit to the exterior of your building with welcoming holiday cheer.

We take great pride in beautifying the streets and avenues of Edmonton, and follow through with expert care from our passionate horticultural team.

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